How to save on electricity bills.

There are ways to save on electricity bills especially this summer.

Now that summer has arrived, electricity bills are expected to increase significantly. As the hot weather sets in, air conditioners will need to work twice as much to keep the temperatures cool. Fortunately, there are “energy-smart” products that can help us beat the heat while cutting down on power consumption.

Allow us to introduce MAKO HVLS Fans and Aeratron Ceiling Fans. These fans are designed to be energy efficient. They are designed to move large volumes of air using less power than conventional fans.

Aeratron fans are unique in the sense that we use DC ultra-high efficiency motors. Every Aeratron fan is an “EnergyStar Most Efficient” ceiling fan. Aeratron fans feature advanced DC motor technology and our patented self-balancing rotor. The fans’ silent rotation uses only 10% of the energy of a conventional ceiling fan. Combined with air conditioning systems, cooling costs can be cut back by up to 50%. This is an excellent way save up on your electricity bills.

MAKO HVLS fans are designed to circulate air over large areas. They are designed to circulate high volumes of air efficiently. These fans’ slow moving blades create a continuously moving massive air column directed downwards. This gently moving column then moves outward along the floor mixing, circulating and cooling, like a gentle breeze. HVLS fans, when used in combination with an air condition system can allow the air conditioning set point up between 10 to 15 degrees and get the same cooling effect, yet reduce energy costs by about 20%. Additionally, one MAKO HVLS fan can replace a large number of conventional industrial electric fan and evaporative coolers thus increasing energy savings.

These state-of-the-art, energy efficient ceiling fans are great investments. They can provide increased comfort and at the same time help save up on electricity bills.

Here are other ways you can save on electricity bills:

  • Make sure the air conditioners are serviced regularly
  • Check for proper refrigerant levels
  • Clean or replace air conditioner filters
  • Check for air leaks on doors and windows

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