The World’s Most Energy Efficient Fan.

Aeratron – The world’s most energy efficient fan from Australia is now available here in the Philippines.

Aeratron’s key technological features reduce the energy consumption of fans by up to 80% and simultaneously contribute to an extremely quiet operation. Key features include:

  • Energy efficient fan, uses merely 18 watts of power
  • A patented self-balancing system which eliminates wobble and vibration effects and reduce energy consumption of fans by up to 50%
  • 3d aero foil blades for optimized airflow
  • Winglets at the blade tips which minimize air vortices (typical “ceiling fans noise)
  • Newly developed low 6 Watts LED lights (optional)

Amazingly Efficient

We designed the world’s most energy efficient fan available in the market including our newly developed LED lights (optional).

The fans’ silent rotation uses only 10% of the energy of a conventional ceiling fan and combined with air conditioning or heating systems, cooling costs can be cut back by up to 50% in summer and heating costs up to 30% in winter.

A great way to contribute to a sustainable future.

Incredibly Quiet

Independently proven by the University of Sydney (IEQ Lab), Aeratron fans create silent, comfortable conditions for living and working without unpleasant swirling noises and wobbling sounds created by conventional fans.

A great way for a healthy, more productive environment.

Elegant Design

Aeratron fans are a thing of beauty and elegance. I garnered several design awards:

“Gold” @ International Design Awards
Residential Sustainable Design, Los Angeles 2011

“Design Award” @ The Australian International Design Awards
Interior and Architectural Products, Melbourne 2011

 Exceptional Airflow

The noiseless movement of our fan blades is the result of bionic engineering inspired by bird wings.

The optimised contours of our 3-D aerofoil blades have small winglets designed to create a very even, smooth airflow and to eliminate air vortex drag and swirl (strong wind tunnels).

And our Swiss-engineered self-balancing system keeps the blades in a steady, aerodynamic equilibrium.

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